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  • Study/analyze available information on employers, information points and participating countries (please check the Exhibitors and your recruitment needs/profiles Job Offers);
  • Search job offers/internship (Jobs) for which it meets all or most of the requirements;
  • Apply (via the platform) to offers that fit your profile;

Participating employers will schedule online recruitment interviews the week of April 9-10, based on previously selected applications. In case of being pre-selected, you can participate in one or more interviews during the week.

    • Also check the Program of information sessions, workshops and company presentations (updates until March 31), which will be streamed live on April 9;
    • Get ready, select the companies, countries and services that support the mobility you want to address, identify the issues to be addressed.

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During the event

      • In order to take full advantage of the opportunities for information, advice and contact with employers, we recommend that you take some time on April 9-10;
      • Minimum requirements to participate: a computer (PC or laptop) or an iPad/tablet with internet access + your pair of microphone headphones;
      • Be selective in the “workshops”, information sessions and presentations of the employers that will follow; choose those that are in fact looking for your profile and skills, and that meet your expectations;
      • In the approach to employers, even if online, a careful presentation and professional stance are important, but also a good level of English and a positive and assertive attitude; also the demonstrated knowledge about the companies and their main projects will be an added value. You should therefore document yourself as best you can before contacting.

Check out (will be the one of 2019) for more up-to-date information.