In presencial fairs in Oporto and Vigo, the registration entitles to:

  1. A table 1.52m x 0.76 or two tables 0.76 x 0.76 (subject to availability);
  2. Two chairs;
  3. Electrical outlet;
  4. Wireless internet;
  5. One parking space;
  6. An information page in the guide of the fair;
  7. Space for interviews (mark in place).

The companies /organizations registered in presencial fairs of Porto and Vigo will have access to be present at the fairs in an open and continuous space;

The space reserved by the organization / company upon registration will be delimited by carpet to be provided by the Organization of FINDE.U;

The base stand space has a basic module with a dimension of 3mx2m (6m2). However, if the organization / company intends to request another module, of 3mx2m with the corresponding increase in cost. If organizations / companies want spaces larger than two modules, they should contact the organization of the event (

Entry of two representatives per organization. If you want to be represented by more participants you must indicate it in the registration form, with each extra participant adding the value of 10.00 €);

Organizations / companies can fully use and assemble their exhibition structures in the space reserved or just mount their lighter identification elements (roll-ups or similar)